Fandango Stew

Fandango StewFandango Stew
by David Davis and Ben Galbraith

Fandango Stew is a western-style retelling of the classic tale “Stone Soup.”  When Slim and Luis, two desperados, ride into the town of Skinflint, there’s not much welcome.  The mayor thinks they’re scoundrels looking for a free meal.  But they say all they want to do is make some Fandango Stew – they’ve already got the Fandango Bean, they just need to borrow a kettle.  Well as the pot simmers and Slim and Luis compare this Fandango Stew to the ones made in other towns, the townsfolk will not be outdone by their neighbors.  Soon there’s salt, pepper, onions, potatoes, rice, and anything that looks like a vegetable (even the okra) simmering with the Fandango Bean.  Everyone joins these two travelers in their catchy chorus: “Chilli’s good, so is barbecue, but nothing is FINER than FANDANGO STEW!”

This picture book would make a great read aloud.  The western theme opens up the door for silly voices, and a repeating chorus makes sure all the kids will join in.  This also has some great beginning bilingual possibilities: there are Spanish words strewn throughout the text, but not so many that it’s overwhelming.  This picture book is a great addition to my library.

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2 Responses to “Fandango Stew”

  1. thiskidreviewsbooks Says:

    Sounds like a great version of Stone Soup! I like the Stone Soup story. I am going to check this one out!

  2. davidrdavis Says:

    Thank you for the kind review! I worked really hard to get in the humor, culture, and lingo of the southwest. Happy reading! David Davis

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